Family Conselling

Family Conselling

We all grow up in a family, the family is the first place where we learn almost most of the skills. Family has an influence on a person and even that person has influence upon the family.  We all have mixed experiences within the family and also, we are more inclined towards solving one another problems within the family.

Our childhood experiences shape adult’s personalities and as an individual people go through many physical and psychological problems. It’s important to consider the positive family structure and function for the well being of family and also an individual as a part of the family.

A problem arises when one person of the family goes against the norms and values of family or facing problems like chronic ailments, physical and psychological problems or family is going through major changes.

How Could Family Counselling Help Me?

The objective of the program is to enhance the client for successful management of family issues and his traumatic emotions by developing understanding of the family structure and self-awareness as well as through positive adjustment within the family.

  • Positive ways to improve engagement within the family.
  • Work-life balance
  • A successful positive relationship within the family and also a close relationship with spouse.
  • To develop understanding of healthy boundaries and family patterns.
  • Reduced conflict and improved problem solving
  • Reducing sources of tension and stress within the family;
  • Positive parenting
  • To face life’s challenges as a team
  • Dealing with family structure changes.