Marriage Conselling

Marriage Conselling

Marriage counselling is a type of short term psychotherapy or psychoeducation for a married couple or people who wish to marry for resolving interpersonal conflicts, developing interpersonal understanding and needs of the partner. 

In the majority of cases, two individuals attend counselling sessions to resolve specific interpersonal issues but in other cases such as premarital counselling, only one person goes into the process of counselling.  

You will glad to know that in recent time marriage counselling focuses on three entities that are considered in such relationships: two individuals and one couple.

Process Of Marriage Counselling

The process of marriage or couple counselling includes three stages:

1st Stage: in first one or you call it initial sessions, before selecting any therapeutic or suggestive technique marriage counsellors to establish rapport with each person attending and the couple, counsellors develop a bond of trust, a working relationship which you can call therapeutic alliance, counsellors discusses the good and bad aspects of relationships, issues that both couples are facing and how they can move towards the next phase in which they work with a therapeutic strategy.

2nd Stage: In the middle phase, counsellors try to bring out the superficial changes likes changing rules, roles, and goals of relationship which we call first-order change. In second-order change, counsellors try to change the beliefs, attitude, develop understanding and insights. 

3rd Stage: In the last stage or terminating, phase counsellors develop future aspects of relationships and finish the sessions. The most common techniques used in marriage counselling are 

1.Rational emotive behavioural therapy 2. Reality therapy 3. Role plays 4. Psychodynamic therapy 5. Reflective listening 6. Self-disclosure techniques 7. Communication counselling 8. Imago relationship therapy 9. Solution-focused coping  10. Expressive art therapies.  11. Insight therapies 12. Couple therapies